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SUIRUI Kit for Zoom Rooms is Certified by Zoom!

It is designed specifically for Zoom Rooms, co-developed and rigorously tested by Zoom Engineering. This highly integrated yet powerful Zoom Rooms Appliance is pre-loaded with Zoom Rooms software, and running on Windows.

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Out with the Old, In with the New

The benefits of Cloud Video Communication Hardware are unparalleled to those of legacy systems.


Legacy video conferencing hardware won’t deliver new functionalities to customers, even though technologies evolve quickly. The hefty hardware replacement costs often constrain businesses and organizations from getting the latest technologies to their meeting spaces. In contrast, CVCH features self upgradability, firmware control of main components, and the capability to push some system-level software from the cloud.


Legacy AV administration requires manual IT support even for routine maintenance tasks. CVCH, however, is built on top of cloud hardware architecture and delivers services hosted by both devices and modules in the cloud. The maintenance of such products is systematically data driven and hosted in the cloud. This shift of device administration to the cloud not only brings benefits of high productivities but also enables possibilities of 3rd party integration tailored to customer needs.


Legacy video conferencing hardware are designed for video conferencing only, and extensions into other systems of unified collaborations are not part of the design consideration. Whereas CVCH are part of the cloud platform, where the architecture supports system-level integrations for customized functionalities and business-specific flows that can be triggered by or plugged into business communications.

Evolve When You Grow

The product lifecycle of Cloud Video Communication Hardware

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CVCH products are not packed into their shipping boxes until every data-driven, automated QC procedure is satisfied, which is controlled by a pre-set acceptance standard. This dynamic assembly line pass/failure rate of individual components is scrutinized by our custom-engineered MES system.

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Deplyment & Management

SUIRUI CVCH devices have their firmware and Zoom software version, running health stats kept in the cloud. The deployment location is where they deliver services, not where they will be eventually abandoned.

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Once tested, new features can be pushed out to service delivery spots in your meeting rooms . You are investing for what you need now and more.

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