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Suirui Announces Strategic Investment and Partnership Agreement with China Mobile

SUNNYVALE, California — SUIRUI America is excited to announce that Suirui has signed a Strategic Investment and Partnership Agreement with China Mobile Investment Holdings. The official signing ceremony was held in Beijing on Feb 22nd, 2019. Upon approval by Suirui’s shareholders, the two parties intend to further advance their existing alliances in cloud video conferencing products & services offerings, and solutions development; jointly promote cohesive collaboration and communication ecosystem. “We have been closely monitoring video conferencing and collaboration technologies for our investment portfolio, looking for front-runners," said Ning He, Chairman and GM of China Mobile Investment Holdings. “Over [...]

SUIRUI Announces Groundbreaking Cloud Video Communication Hardware for Zoom Rooms

SUNNYVALE, California, Mar 14, 2018 — SUIRUI, the AI & Cloud Communication Carrier,  through SUIRUI America, Inc. , announced today that it will launch cloud video conferencing hardware with enhanced enterprise manageability powered by Intel® vPro™ technology for Zoom Rooms. Forrest Cheng Shu, CEO of Suirui stated, “The number of customers adopting Zoom services has been growing exponentially, which has created a swell of demand for cloud hardware technologies that can jointly transform the video conferencing landscape. Suirui teamed up with Zoom in co-developing collaboration cloud hardware with built-in Zoom software, that require minimum IT administration with AI [...]

Bridging Education and Technology

Ever since SUIRUI signed up for this project, 33 classrooms in 8 provinces are equipped and operational for online teaching; more than 105 volunteer teachers from around the world committed to a 6-month or longer volunteering period in their certified domain, offering more than 100 classes per week, helping more than 5000 students. The results of this remote teaching initiative have shown to be significantly beneficial for the students. One of the participating school principals recently reported that during the latest standard school promotion test, seven students scored among top ten performers in the entire county. This has [...]