Haitong Securities Group is one of the top security companies in China. Its core business focuses spread across: capital and investment management, asset and wealth management, investment banking, institutional brokerage and trading service, and internet securities business. The company owns a comprehensive global business platform, executed by business outlets across 14 countries and regions, serving nearly 340 securities and futures business outlets in China alone with over 10 million clients.

Haitong Group Shandong Province subsidiary enjoyed significant growth in recent years, thanks to local policies and innovative products and services. With this rapid growth, the leadership team of Haitong Securities Group wants to bring onboard technologies that can ease their “growth pain,” seeking conferencing solutions that do not require private domain deployment and operations so that mobile field services and satellite outlet offices can can communicate effectively on a daily basis. Noticeably, there are no dedicated IT resources in each field office, so traveling from central IT support centers are costly and not practical given the time sensitivities to urgent communication needs.

SUIRUI’s video communication platform operates on the public cloud with end to end security, ensuring that communication across the country, or even across the ocean, is efficient and worry-free. Deployment has never been so simple since SUIRUI’s cloud hardware requires zero technical training, allowing just about anyone to start a meeting with the click of a button.

Effective communication is the backbone of an organization, allowing for maximum productivity. But it is inevitable for an organization with such an extensive reach to be more prone to miscommunication. That is why it is necessary for Haitong Securities Group to have a reliable conferencing solution that connects the whole company, giving way to increased overall productivity. And this is exactly what SUIRUI stands for.

Not only is deployment simple, but also management requires minimal IT administration. With SUIRUI’s built-in cloud communication software, that can be activated with a simple QR code scanning, the on-boarding process has been extremely simple and smooth. With Haitong Securities Group’s desire to develop into an influential financial group, domestically as well as globally, it is essential that communication needs are met with simplicity, reliability and performance. SUIRUI’s cloud-based communication solutions gives Haitong Securities Group the perfect tools their business operation demands.